The Most Loved Wireless Bra on Amazon 

Next to trying on swimsuits, bra shopping is maybe the most time-consuming retail experience you’ll ever endure. But as The Cut pointed out, Amazon—and its reviewers—are here to save us all.

Thanks to the feedback from thousands of real women, the site has handpicked the best bras for all your needs, without requiring you to duck into a dressing room anytime soon. Warner’s No Side Effects has the best reviews for a wireless bra, notably for its fit, support, and durability. It doesn’t poke or prod thanks to the lack of hardware, but it doesn’t sacrifice support either. Plus, it’s machine-washable, seamless, and wire-free, which is probably why nearly 500 people believe it’s the most comfortable wireless bra online.

Shop Amazon’s favorite bra in three popular colors below!

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Opening Image: Could I Have That?