We Didn't See This Gucci Collaboration Coming

It’s a common ritual: You go about aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a meme that perfectly sums up your dating life/your feelings about Mondays/your somewhat irresponsible shopping habits, and you instantly tag a friend to commiserate. It happens often. And this practice applies to all of us—including, per the brand's latest campaign, Gucci. 

Teaming up with Jessica Anteby (aka @beigecardigan) and Willy Ndatila (@williancult), among other accomplished meme creators, the Italian fashion house is tapping into arguably the most addictive part of social media for this new project. Aptly called #TFWGucci (aka, that feeling when or that feel when), the images released today offer up relatable human moments along with the label’s Le Marché des Merveilles timepiece collection.

"The final memes are either the result of a two-way or three-way collaboration," the press release states about Gucci's latest campaign, "and once more demonstrate Alessandro Michele's desire to engage with a wider creative community."

The entirety of the project can be found of the #TFWGucci microsite, but as you probably already realize, they're much more fun to discover on your own in your Instagram feed. 

Below, take a look at a few of the Gucci meme examples.

What's your take on this untraditional fashion campaign? Would you double tap? Tell us below.

Opening Image: Style du Monde