Here's What's So Unique About This Limited Edition Jewellery Collection



Instagram has given way for fashion brands to exist in an entirely new way. Realisation Par was one of the first brands to find success on Instagram by bucking the traditional fashion cycle and producing single pieces when the time is right. Maison Cléo is another brand that works to its own production schedule, releasing limited quantities on a regular basis, so fans of the brand know exactly when to tune in to shop new arrivals. TH-TY Studios is the latest brand on our radar to work off the success of Instagram. On the third day of each month, the brand releases a limited edition collection of jewellery, available until sold out.

The brand is inspired by vintage jewellery, a collection of treasures you'll love to wear every day. The newest collection just dropped, and each piece is $50. Shop our favourites below, before it's too late.