Buying These New Rose-Gold Sandals Made Us Feel 10x Cooler

Fact: You can never have enough pairs of sandals for summer. Even if you've already started stocking up, we have another idea you should definitely consider: Jhené Aiko's new collaboration with Teva, which marks her second collection with the brand. Whether you're one of the singer's 4.9 million Instagram followers or not, we think you'll appreciate her design chops, which she honed with the creation of three new sandal styles this season.

When dreaming up the designs, Aiko had a specific inspiration in mind. "I wanted this new collection to feel very whimsical," Aiko told Who What Wear. "I wanted the sandals to have a magical summer sunset type of feel, so that's where all the colors come from—the shimmer and the rose gold."

As for how the collaboration came about in the first place, Aiko told us that it happened very organically. "I was in Hawaii a few years ago and was looking for a sandal that I could also hike in," she said. "The sales person pointed out the Tevas—the Hurricane style is the one you can hike in—and I immediately thought they were super cute, so I got them. Maybe like a year or two after that, Teva contacted me to do a collaboration because I tagged them in my pictures in Hawaii, and I thought that it was a perfect fit." And just like that, a stylish match-up was born—and our closets are all the better for it.

Read on to see Jhené Aiko's campaign for Teva and shop the brand-new collaboration.