Meet the Internet’s Latest Style Muse: Teresa Oman

Born and bred in the hippie surf town of Byron Bay, Australia, Teresa Oman’s first fashion memories consist of dressing up for music festivals—namely Blues Fest, which her parents run each year—and perusing the local markets for crazy dresses. “That’s where I got my rainbow sense from,” she tells us on a chilly morning in Malibu, California, the backdrop for our fashion shoot. The 21-year-old, who just last year was named one of the most re-blogged models by Tumblr, has the kind of look we California girls dream of. Add in her Cara Delevingne-esque up-for-anything attitude, and she’s got all the makings of a muse. We caught up with the beauty at the tail end of her California road trip to chat about her first big gig, living in NYC, and her dreams of becoming an actress.