Why We're Looking Forward to Ten Pieces Today


Ten Pieces

Last year, Ten Pieces presented one of the most memorable presentations at Fashion Week Australia. Draining Bondi Icebergs pool and having models walk right down the middle of it against the backdrop of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach isn’t something you quickly forget. The show created a buzz, so naturally we’re excited to see what happens next.

Ten Pieces collections are presented in limited groups of ten, offering a tightly curated edit of pieces. When we probed designers Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinkfuss about what we can expect to see this year, they said “This year we take the show from day to night, presenting the ultimate in simplicity and sophistication, with each layer a wardrobe essential”.

Anything that makes getting dressed in the morning easy and quick, we’re on board. Our ultimate goal is to fill our wardrobe with essentials, right?

Keep scrolling to shop Ten Pieces until you catch images of the next ten.

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