The Underground Label This French-Colombian Girl Always Gets Complimented On

Let us introduce to you, the French-Colombian actress, It-girl, and model you need to know about immediately: Taylor LaShae. With her slick cat eye Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, shaggy bob cut, and signature red lip, it's hard to stop scrolling her Instagram and obsessing over every outfit. Lucky for us, when we recently interviewed brown-haired beauty, she opened up about more than just her taste in fashion. She loves romance, believes in French style (beyond just clothing), and is also a huge space nerd.

After trying to think of a celebrity that LaShae could be compared to, we struggled to come up with anyone remotely similar. She’s her own version of bubbly, energetic, perfectly-styled, and individual. If you’re a lover of vintage shopping, French style, and you're looking for a pair of jeans that'll always score you compliments, you’ll want to get to know LaShae.

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Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia 

Who What Wear Australia: Do you find girls in Sydney have a different style to LA? 

Taylor LaShae: I feel like people may think I look ridiculous, but then while I'm looking around and exploring, I realise they don't dress any less different than me. I also think it might just be my energy, I’m just a bright American walking down Oxford Street with the beret and heels and the bright red lipstick! Sydney isn’t as different to LA because there's a similar beachy lifestyle. I fit somewhere in the middle.

WWW: It’s so interesting in Sydney, different areas have different vibes.

TLS: Wherever I go I get to dress per occasion. It might be hipster chic tonight or if I'm going to Bondi I'm going to be a bit more beachy. That's what I really love about Sydney and the fashion!

WWW: Are there any Australian brands that you love to wear?

TLS: I love I.AM.GIALovers & Drifters and Poppy Lissiman, all of which are my friends. I've also been shooting for P.E. Nation, Posse, Calvin Klein, Nice Martin, Hansel & Gretel. They are a lot of my favourite Aussie brands that I have worked with or am currently working with and love.



Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia 

WWW: French girl style is trending right now. What do you think about that? What do you think of the whole French girl obsession?

TLS: I love it, I grew up literally being that film nerd who only watched Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina was my idol and still is my idol. Nothing makes me feel more like a lady then I when I feel French, because I am French. The way of connecting with my culture was through movies. I also love the whole romantic vibe. I feel like the only romance I can get is by dressing it and feeling it myself. Then maybe, hopefully some French prince charming will just come along! Maybe pick me up on his Vespa, and whisk me away with a rose in his mouth.

WWW: What accessories are you into at the moment?

TLS: I love my beret, my hoops, my red lipstick, and I love silver jewellery. That's something I'm actually transitioning into, I've always been a gold girl and all of a sudden everyone's wearing gold so I'm silver now.

WWW: Do you have any favourite denim brands?

TLS: GRLFRND jeans are my absolute favourite. Every single time I wear my GRLFRND jeans I get stopped with 'WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE JEANS FROM?!" They're so comfy to wear and tailored to perfection.


Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia 

WWW: Do you shop a lot of vintage?

TLS: I do but I'm so picky. I won't buy anything unless I love it. When I go vintage shopping, I will pick out all the things I like, and if I can’t stop thinking about a particular piece, then I'll go back and get it, and if it's not there then it wasn't meant to be.

WWW:  Do you have any tips or hacks for vintage shopping?

TLS: For vintage shopping anywhere in the world? Go to the places you'd never think to walk in to. I promise, you will find the most amazing pieces and they'll be dirt cheap. I recently found this amazing dress that fit like a glove and it was only $15. Never go to the big places that are known to be vintage stores because they'll up-price it and then you just feel like you're buying someone's old stuff for the same price. Go exploring and have an open mind.

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