Taylor Hill Tells Us How She Earned Her VS Wings (and It's Hilarious)

>It’s not uncommon to remember every single detail surrounding the most significant firsts in your life. For instance, you might remember exactly what you were wearing when you had your first kiss with your S.O. or the phone call you made when you landed your first job. For Taylor Hill, who’ll make her official debut as a Victoria’s Secret Angel at the VS Fashion Show in Paris next month, she’ll likely remember the snack she was eating when she got the phone call about receiving her wings.

>Earlier this week, we chatted with the model at her fitting, who walked us through the whole story. “I was in Los Angeles in my car on my way to my sister’s house, and I was like, I’m going to get a snack,” she told us. “I ran into a Rite-Aid and grabbed some Hot Cheetos. I get in my car, my dog is flailing, and I’m just eating my Cheetos, and my agent calls me and I answer the phone, like, ‘Yeah!’”

>She continues that her agent said, “Today I got a contract for you from Victoria’s Secret.” It’s then that she imitates herself pausing mid-bite and responds, “‘To just wear the underwear or what?’ And he said, ‘No, Taylor, to be an Angel, you’re going to be an Angel.’”

>Naturally, Hill says she was in shock. “He said, ‘Are you going to scream or what?!’ And then I screamed. That was how I became an Angel.” Just something to keep in mind the next time a Hot Cheetos craving hits.

>Watch the VS Fashion Show December 5 on CBS, and scroll down for a first look at what the newest wing wearer will sport on the runway.

Photo: Photographed by Marissa Jackson
Photo: Photographed by Marissa Jackson

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