Take a Look at "the Perfect Summer Piece" This Model Designed

Taylor Hill is denim’s ultimate fan. While she’s a model with access to a world of off-the-runway options and, well, likely everything from Victoria’s Secret, jeans are the one piece she loves almost implicitly. Fittingly, she’s also Joe’s Jean’s latest collaborator.

“It’s at the center of most of fashion, so in my mind, I can’t really think of anything, in particular, that would push me away from a denim design,” Hill told us when we chatted over the phone. We asked her what kind of jeans she’d never wear (or design, for that matter). “I really love denim, and I’m constantly obsessing over finding the right pair and the perfect fit.”

And though Hill cites ’90s Cindy Crawford as one of her inspirations behind her debut collaboration, she says there’s one throwback piece in particular that we all should try from Joe’s. “The cutoff overalls are my favorite. They’re the perfect summer piece just because it’s a one-stop shop. You could literally wear them all summer long and just change the shirt underneath and feel like you’re a different person every day.”

We’ll admit it’s a surprising choice—overalls are still kind of a love-it-or-hate-it type of trend—but Hill makes a strong case. “I think everybody can [wear overalls]. My advice would be to keep the shirt underneath simple. I find that crop tops work really well, or bodysuits, because you’ll be a little bit more comfortable—not so much fabric riding around your stomach area.”

While we’re happy to heed her advice, there’s much more in the Taylor Hill x Joe’s Jeans line to love even if you are an overalls skeptic. And for the record, if Hill had to—had to—choose a trend to sidestep, it would be low-rise jeans. “I’m not really the biggest fan. I prefer high-waist because I think they accentuate a woman’s body.”

Take a look at Hill’s denim designs, available now, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at how the collaboration came to life.