Two Australian Fashion Bloggers Now Have Their Own TV Show

Get the popcorn ready because your new favourite TV show launches tonight. Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson of They All Hate Us can add another achievement to their already-very-long list, with the launch of Style Squad. It’s not the first time Australian fashion bloggers have landed their own TV show (you might remember back in 2014 Margaret Zhang, Sara Donaldson, Kate Waterhouse, and Zanita Whittington teamed up for Fashion Bloggers), but this one is totally different. Style Squad, fronted by Tash and Elle, is a makeover show where they meet with a different person each week, give them a makeover, and offer style advice and tips.

Ahead of the show's launch, we caught up with Tash and Elle to find out what it was like to film a TV show, and who they’d like to give them a makeover. Read on! 


Liz Sunshine / Street Smith


Who What Wear Australia: What has been the hardest part about filming a TV show?

Tash Sefton: The time away from my family! We filmed for a whole month… very long hours and every day. It was an incredible experience but I have a new-found respect for actors who spend months filming a movie. It’s physically and mentally draining and when we wrapped, I honestly spent a week at home not talking! Yes, me not talking [laughs].

Elle Ferguson: The hardest part was reminding yourself that you were attached to a microphone at all times... The poor sound guys know far too much about me after six weeks of non-stop chatter. 

WWW: And the best part?

TS: I think hosting your own TV show with your best friend is a major TICK off my bucket list. It’s also nice to give back to people. We get criticised for the consumerism of this industry so this way we are making positive changes to people’s lives. 

EF: The best part was actually filming a television show with my best friend and an amazing director, talented crew and just some amazing people we got to meet along the journey. I also got THE best khaki bomber jacket off one of the stylees husbands... Bonus! 


Liz Sunshine / Street Smith

WWW: What is the most memorable experience from filming?

TS: During filming, seeing tears turn into big smiles. Also, realising that everyone is going through something—big or small, we all need help in some way… and it’s okay. 

EF: Well there were many moments where Tash and I would be like… Wow! But the most memorable experiences where when our stylees saw themselves after the makeovers. They never believed that they could look so amazing and it was so cool to be part of that moment. 

WWW: What have you learnt about yourselves while filming?

TS: To appreciate what I have. And that being tall is a good thing! I have grown up hating being six-foot-tall, but spending time with people with issues about bullying, lack of confidence because of their appearance, etc, makes me think differently about my hang ups. 

EF: That Tash and I have A LOT of hair! We would get told about a thousand times a day to get our hair out of our faces... And when you tune in, you'll see why!


Liz Sunshine / Street Smith

WWW: What is your #1 universal style tip that any woman can take on?

TS: Less is more! A pair of denim jeans and a white tee is way cooler and chic than an over-the-top printed dress. Let’s just say, Elle and I saw a lot of bad prints in the filming of this show! There is a bad print epidemic! 

EF: Don't let the size of the clothes dictate what you buy. Although you may be a size ‘small’, the ‘medium’ might actually flatter your figure better and you have more room to style.

WWW: If you could have a makeover, how would you overhaul your style?

TS: I would have to listen I guess—however most people in my squad, including my family, are very honest with me and tell me if I’m having a shocker on a daily basis. 

EF: Oh wow! I'd actually love for someone to tell me what they'd change... I'm pretty happy with what I'm rolling with now.

WWW: Who would you love to makeover you? 

TS: Monica Rose is the stylist to Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian (and the rest), and she nails the casual-cool vibe with perfection. Also, I would LOVE to do a shoot with Emmanuelle Alt, the editor of French Vogue because she is a goddess of cool. 

EF: Either Rachel Zoe, Kanye West or Monica Rose.

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