Yes, You Can Wear Activewear for Any (We Repeat, Any) Occasion

If we learned anything from fashion week last month, it’s that activewear’s grip on our wardrobes is stronger than ever. With major designers including track pants in their runway lineups to black leggings becoming the street style staple of choice for New Yorkers, surely all that’s left to do is figure out how to make activewear apropos for weddings. While we won’t go that far (yet), thanks to JoyLab, we have come up with clever ways to make activewear work for nearly every other occasion.

And that’s because JoyLab, the brand-new activewear line that we co-designed with Target, is equal parts stylish and functional. Need to hit up a workout class and then head straight to happy hour? Grab a JoyLab moto jacket. Joining friends for a casual Saturday brunch or rooftop barbecue? Opt for your mesh-paneled leggings for the ultimate base. Low-key date night in with your girls? You guessed it.

Whether or not you have big fitness plans for fall, we’re here to show you how to take your activewear uniform to the next level for three occasions ahead.

Ready to pick up some of our favorite JoyLab pieces at Target for your active lifestyle? Shop the collection here.