Love Color and Print? This Inclusive Collection Will Make Your Day

It was back in January when Tanya Taylor—a designer who makes prints and florals so irresistible even NYC girls willingly trade in their all-black ensembles for them—teamed with SNL’s Aidy Bryant to create a dress for her Late Night With Seth Meyers appearance. Sure, the event was met with celebration because, if we’re being frank, the market for women’s fashion above a size 12 still leaves much to be desired. And now, Taylor is making a full commitment to help fill that gap.

Today, the designer has announced that the brand’s extending its sizes—up to a 22—going forward. To kick it off, she’s debuted a capsule collection of some of her signature pieces in new sizes that make her designs available for those, say, who aren’t celebrities.

“Collaborating with Aidy Bryant and Glamour magazine in January on a red carpet look opened my eyes to a market that is missing feminine, flattering, and optimistic clothing,” Taylor says in a press release. “Aidy and I are the same age, share a similar joyful approach to life and love color and print yet we have access to different clothing. I personally wanted to change that. We are an inclusive brand defined by a point of view not a range of sizes.”

Shop some of the debut styles in Taylor’s broader range of sizes. And keep an eye out—there’ll be more to come.

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