How This SNL Star Is Setting an Example for Body Diversity

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When you’re a lead actor on SNL and appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, you need a special outfit. Something that celebrates your star power and shows off your style POV. But when there weren’t many (or any) solid options for Aidy Bryant, a New York designer stepped in, and the results were next-level inspiring.

As a woman who wears a size 16, Bryant told Glamour—who helped facilitate a collaboration between her and Tanya Taylor—“There’s no conversation happening between plus-size women and designers. The door is never open.” That changed when Taylor went about creating her first plus-size piece and crafted an embellished blue dress with a skater skirt and bell sleeve especially for Bryant's Late Night appearance.

>The actress looked amazing, but she also told the publication that representation of body diversity is not a one-shot deal. In fact, she explained how she's gone out of her way to make sure she's always wearing things she feels good in, sending the message that fashion is something women of all sizes can enjoy. "It’s worth the extra effort for the girls who are looking at my clothes on Instagram or tweeting me to ask what I wore in a sketch," she said.

>As for whether Taylor's extended sizes will soon be available to all? The short answer is maybe: "We would absolutely be willing to broaden our size range, but our retailers only buy up to size 12 from us." Here's hoping that changes, and soon.

>Check out Bryant's custom look below, and click over to Glamour to get the full story about how this significant ensemble came together.

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