Everyone Is About to Start Renting Chanel Jewelry for $29 a Month


Switch Jewelry

When Los Angeles–based brothers Adriel and Elliott Darvish launched Switch last year, a luxury jewelry site that allows customers to rent designer pieces for a small membership fee of $29 a month, they offered up a simple solution to many of our online jewelry buying woes. No longer do we have to dish out hundreds of dollars on, say, a necklace we may or may not like. Instead, for a small fee, members have access to an "unlimited jewelry closet" and can pick and choose from a carefully curated collection of vintage and designers pieces from Chanel and Hermès, to name a few.

Now, the brothers are back with a relaunch of the site. However, while the new Switch will still maintain the same features from its initial launch—the brands, the $29 membership fee—there are a few cool new changes worth mentioning. While the site is known for its wide selection of luxury based jewelry, it is now also becoming a "platform for talented emerging designers who are looking to get their name out and gain a following," as Elliot explains. 

The sustainability factor of Switch is another thing we're quite fond of. As the brand's media kit explains, "The Switch model is grounded in concepts of share economies and recycling. You get to wear the good stuff, which lasts longer anyway. And when you're ready to switch it for something new, you're giving someone else a new fashion experience, rather than letting [the jewelry] go to waste." Sounds pretty great, no?

Stunning designer jewelry pieces at an almost unbelievable price tag and you're being sustainable —it doesn't get much better than that. 

Scroll down to see a few of our favorite rental pieces from Switch, and then head to the site for more info on how you can become a member.