How to Find Your Best-Fitting Swimsuit Ever



We don’t feel we’re speaking out of turn when we say that trying to find the best swimwear (suits we actually think we look good in) is one of the most trying shopping experiences a woman can have (that and finding a well-fitting bra). For even the most confident among us, it can bring up any number of misgivings we have about our bodies: Everything feels like it’s on display from head to toe, and there’s not a lot of room left for error.

Unless you’re already a self-proclaimed bikini ’gram fanatic, you probably wouldn’t shy away from a little bit of help in the search for the best swimwear. While many women might think that simply covering up is the way to go—after all, one-piece swimsuits are absolutely having a moment right now!—there are actually a number of ways you can make your swimsuit work for you.

Scroll down for five fantastic tips on finding your best-fitting swimsuit ever!

If You Have a Larger Bust

Look for halter tops with thick ties and bra-style tops, both of which offer great support,” Sabra Krock, creative director of swim shop Everything But Water, says. “Banded halter tops can offer great support without the oft-expected underwire. Bra-style tops are usually made for women with D or larger cups and offer special inner construction that fits and flatters well.”

The most important rule: Tops should hold your bust securely in place. A good test, Krock says, is to lean forward when you’re trying on a top. If there’s potential for spilling out of the top, try another size or a style with fuller coverage. Another tactic: Shop tops and bottoms separately, not as a set—you might be a medium on the top and a small on the bottom, for example.

For More Boyish Frames

“Suits with less coverage, such as tie-side bottoms and triangle tops create the illusion of curves,” Krock recommends. “Tops or bottoms with bold prints, ruffles, and embellishments add intrigue and feminine flair and can create the appearance of curves.” If neither of those styles tickles your fancy, reach for a monokini.

If You’re an Hourglass Shape

“An easy rule: Showcase your best assets in bold colors and big prints, and downplay worry areas with dark, solid colors,” Krock advises. By contrast, if there’s an area you want to enhance more, reach for the ruffles or other statement-making embellishments.

If You Want to Slim Your Stomach

“Shirring is a must-have trend for a reason: The gathered fabric hides imperfections and creates definition in the waist,” Krock says. Another great option: Reach for a one-piece that has color-blocking at the waist, drawing the eye to the center and slimming your entire figure. “Black-and-white graphic prints are on trend and can be very flattering, depending on the placement of the print,” she says.

One-Pieces Work on Everyone

“There are so many figure-flattering, sexy one-pieces in the market that work so well on all different body types,” Krock says. Don’t shy away from a one-piece, even if you tend to migrate toward bikinis and other barely there styles; a one-piece adds an air of mystery and allure on any body type that many other kinds of suits simply can’t offer. “The key to looking and feeling confident is a suit that best flatters your body. Pay more attention to fit than any particular trend or style—and be willing to try on a wide variety of suits.”

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