How to Find Your Best-Fitting Swimsuit Ever



We don’t feel we’re speaking out of turn when we say that trying to find the best swimwear (suits we actually think we look good in) is one of the most trying shopping experiences a woman can have (that and finding a well-fitting bra). For even the most confident among us, it can bring up any number of misgivings we have about our bodies: Everything feels like it’s on display from head to toe, and there’s not a lot of room left for error.

Unless you’re already a self-proclaimed bikini ’gram fanatic, you probably wouldn’t shy away from a little bit of help in the search for the best swimwear. While many women might think that simply covering up is the way to go—after all, one-piece swimsuits are absolutely having a moment right now!—there are actually a number of ways you can make your swimsuit work for you.

Scroll down for five fantastic tips on finding your best-fitting swimsuit ever!

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