I'm 30-Something and I'm Not Going Anywhere Near This Swimsuit



Fun fact: The swimsuit style I used to wear the most is now the one I completely avoid. You see, back in my teenage years, I read in a fashion magazine that the most flattering type of swimsuit was a string bikini, as the ties could be adjusted for a perfect fit. So that's what I wore for the next 13 years. Yes, you read correctly—the only swimsuit style I wore from my teens through my 20s was string bikinis. But once I turned 30, I wanted to wear anything but string bikinis. I'd put one on and think, so the only thing separating me from the rest of the world is a few little strings? I'd just never thought of it that way before, and the skin-baring style suddenly left me feeling so exposed. So inevitably, until I realized that I needed to purchase some new swimwear for my post-30 mindset, I'd just keep my denim shorts or my coverup on over my string bikini, and stay out of the water, which is no way to live your life, folks. That said, in no way do I think that string bikinis are only for 20-somethings. You should rock whatever feels right for you at any age.

My affinity for string bikinis in former years likely had something to do with the fact that they were a long-standing trend (and still are), but I couldn't be happier that the current swimwear trends are considerably more well-rounded. I never thought I'd see the day when one-pieces are as cool as they are this season. I'm also digging the flattering high-waisted and sporty bikinis that are everywhere right now. Simply put, I'm basically up for anything that's held together by more than strings.

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