5 Expert Tips For Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear, few can design a suit as beautiful as Nicky Zimmermann. The namesake designer at Australian label Zimmermann--whose gorgeous Resort 2015 lookbook we are still beyond obsessed with--first made a name for herself designing high-fashion swimwear that rivals a lot of her ready-to-wear designs. 

When we got the chance to sit down with Zimmermann at a Los Angeles presentation of her Resort 2015 collection, we had to know: How does she approach shopping for a swimsuit? What wisdom was she willing to share on finding a swimsuit that not only looks good, but also feels comfortable? Read on for her top 5 swimsuit shopping tips!

1. Let yourself be drawn to what you naturally like.
I think it's always nice to really love what you're buying. Love the color, love the print, the thing that draws you in first; listen to it.  Always be drawn to the print and color you love is a great place to start. 
2. But also experiment with different silhouettes, and suits you never think you would wear.
It's about fit. You need to be open to different silhouettes. I say to people as a rule to always take three to four different suits to the changing room, not necessarily what you think you want. Give it a go, because you never know. 
3. Go with friends who will be helpful and honest. 
Trying on a swimsuit is not easy. As long as you've got good people helping you and heading you in the right direction, I think most people can end up with something they're really happy with.
4. Reach for a color you normally never wear.
Sometimes it's just about color--going with a red swimsuit instead of black. That can be the newness, you know? That's always important for us, because it's fashion swimwear; it's about where we take it. New silhouettes, good fit, all of that. As long as they look beautiful, that's what I'm interested in. 
5. Top it off with a hat.
I like hats. A beautiful hat, particularly coming from Australia, you desperately need a hat. It's such a beautiful look.