Why Is Fashion Obsessed With Newness?

It's no secret that fashion is built on an incessant desire for change—that's why we have not only spring/summer and fall/winter shows, but also resort and pre-fall. But have you ever stopped to think exactly why that is? Are consumers really demanding such a high volume of new clothes all the time? It's an intriguing topic that Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble, talked about with Vogue in a new interview

"I'm not sure about this rhetoric around the constant need for newness," Lau told Vogue. "I question that quite a bit. A good idea is a good idea, it doesn't need to be a new one. I don't need a new one every three months to feed me. I don't know where this assumption came from that the customer feels this way as well. Has somebody polled every one of them and asked?" 

So we're dying to know your opinion on the matter: Do you think new doesn't necessarily mean better? Or do you love having a constant stream of fresh options so you don't get bored? 

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Patch power ???????????????????? @Gucci ???? @raphieth

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Eschewed a gown in favour of opera appropriate pyjamas @maisonvalentino #ValentinoLaTraviata

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What are your thoughts on fashion's obsession with newness? Tell us in the comments below, and shop Susie Lau's signatue look: bold prints