Surf Girls Share Their Must-Have Bikini Styles



There’s no question that surfers always look stylish in swimsuits. Perhaps it’s the fact that they put one on as many times as the rest of us throw on a T-shirt. Or maybe we can attribute it to an insider club that knows the secrets of what it takes to look incredible in a bikini at all times. Whatever the case, we wanted to get down to exactly why surfers look great in bikinis and how we can mimic their style. To find out, we asked some real surfers to spill their secrets.

Ahead real surfers and all-around cool girls Kristen Shaw and Shelby Wild are sharing their secrets for looking stylish in a bikini. When they’re not surfing, both women also work in the fashion and beauty industries. Shelby Wild is a former stylist who recently launched California beach girl–inspired haircare brand, Playa. And Kristen Shaw is a celebrity hairstylist whose personal style is as cool as the red carpet looks she creates. Want to find out their surfer secrets?

Go on to see their top tips and shop our favorite styles.


"When I'm not out in the water, I love bikinis that are a twist on a classic bikini: triangle tops and itty-bitty bottoms because why not?! I used to wear more full-coverage until I realized that covering up your bum can make it look bigger in a bad way and wearing something a little smaller will help you avoid big tan lines."

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"Finding the right swimwear can be challenging. You want something that shows off your body while also making you feel confident and comfortable. High-waisted bikinis are great to wear while surfing because they protect my hips while I paddle and stay on even when I get caught inside. It took a long time for me to find a high-waisted bottom that fit well, but I eventually discovered the Zimmermann high-waisted pant and top."

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