Why Sunglasses Are THE Ultimate Street Style Accessory

There are a few staple accessories that street style mavens always seem to keep in constant rotation when they’re building their outfits: a classic Chanel 2.55 bag, two hands full of ultra-dainty gold rings, and a set of Valentino Rockstud Pumps ($995). But there’s yet another street style accessory that seems to be the underdog of the game, and yet is just as ever-present as the rest of them: super chic sunglasses.

Whether worn on the face, on the top of the head, or draped over the neckline of a blouse or dress, a good pair of sunnies is as essential an accessory as any other. In fact, many of the world’s most widely recognised street style stars wouldn’t be caught dead without a set (literally) on-hand at all times: Olivia Palermo, Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, and even Miroslava Duma have all been known to utilise shades as a statement-making addition to any outfit.

From round glasses so opaque you wonder how anyone can see through them to silver aviators so reflective they can stand-in as legit mirrors, stylish women everywhere are using sunnies to elevate their looks in all sorts of ways. Sunglasses are the new black—and we’ve got proof.

Scroll down to see 25 photos proving that sunglasses are the ultimate street style accessory! 

An ultra-feminine dress calls for a set of shades equally as girly. 

The friends who shade together—stay together.

A pair of dark sunnies with a nude acrylic frame is the perfect choice when your outfit is colourful. 

A good tortoiseshell cat-eye frame will take you a long, long way.

If the look you’re going for is a mix of sporty and chic, an exaggerated cat-eye shape helps to feminize the overall effect. 

If you’re into wearing coloured sunnies, try contrasting them with your outfit instead of matching. The subtle yellow of these shades perfectly coordinates with the bright fuchsia statement of the outfit.

Or, if you’re really into wearing bright colours, an all-black pair of shades helps tone it down and injects the overall look with a hearty dose of cool.

Metallic toes, metallic bag, metallic shades: a perfect combination.

If you’re wearing one piece in an on-trend colour like pastel pink, matching your sunglasses to your statement piece ties the whole look together.

If you imagine this outfit without the sunglasses, it loses a lot of its lustre, no?

For a mostly-white look trimmed in a bright blue, warm-toned sunglasses in a yellow trim make for a nice contrast.

For a casual day out on the town, you can’t go wrong with a pair of round, oversized shades.

There’s something about the combination of vintage-inspired Clubmasters and a crop top that just makes a whole lot of sense.

Oversized shades are very much back in. To emphasise them even more, slick your hair back into a tight bun.

Overalls already give off a hippie-inspired vibe, and throwing on a pair of super-round, sepia-tinted shades completes the look.

Blue skirt, blue bag, blue bangle, and blue reflective sunnies: a very stylish ode to the colour.

For a casual day look that’s comprised mainly of neutral tones, toss on a pair of reflective shades in a vivid colour like orange to amp up your look’s overall impact.

Miu Miu's cutoff cat-eye shape is very on-trend right now; and as it turns out, they look just as good on the face as they do dangling on your shirt.

Never before has a woman so perfectly matched her shoes to her sunglasses. 

If you have a lot of colours going on, a good bet is a pair of neutral shades with translucent frames. 

A fun way to play with colour: muted tones of red play throughout, including in her sunglasses.

The fire engine-red of her shades is the perfect match to the yellow-orange of her tote.

Nothing says casual-cool like a pair of metal-framed Ray-Ban Clubmasters ($150); they are literally the ultimate in cool eyewear.

If you’re going to wear reflective sunnies in a muted gold, keep your other gold accessories to a minimum, and maybe even reach for a muted silver bag to tone them down even further.