Easy Sunday Style Looks You Can Put Together With What You Already Have

Once Sunday rolls around, it's easy to throw on whatever's left hanging around your room in the aftermath of the weekend. Though it's tempting to quickly suit up in leggings and a sweatshirt and call it a day, Sundays are actually a terrific opportunity to lean into effortless outfit combinations that are a step above what you might wear to the gym.

Show up to brunch serving up a welcome dose of Sunday style in an ensemble that reads both curated and care-free by relying on tested outfit formulas every fashion girl has in her arsenal. Just because you put your best foot forward on Saturday doesn't mean you have to hit the brakes come Sunday morning. Let the style carry on with these easy Sunday style looks you can put together with what you already have.

Head below for seven fail-safe outfit formulas you'll want to copy every Sunday.

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