The Under-$100 Guide to Summer Work Attire

Looking good when it's hot out is hard enough as it is, but looking good at work when it's hot out? No one has the time (or money) for that, right? Wrong. There are actually a handful of simple and inexpensive swaps, or in some cases, additions, you can make to your workwear wardrobe that will leave you feeling cool and looking even cooler while at the office.

It's no secret that there's a fine line when it comes to dressing appropriately for summer while at the office, even if you work in the most casual of environments. Between the ongoing debate of whether off-the-shoulder tops are okay for the office and whether can you wear jeans beyond casual Friday, we decided to play it safe in this roundup and show you pieces that you can wear without HR pointing any fingers. This includes colorful blouses (hello, summer!), white blazers (we feel cooler already), and skirts that have slits (never miss another breeze again) all for under $100. Now sit back, relax, and shop pieces that won't make you break a sweat. 

Keep reading to see our under-$100 guide to looking great at work this summer!