11 Unique Ways To Update Your Summer Style

When it comes to refreshing your style, sometimes the easiest updates can make the biggest difference. With that said, we have 11 simple tips to help you boost your summer style. 

1. Mix casual and polished.


Anne-Laure of Adenorah

There’s nothing chicer than a super laid-back and effortless look. Try wearing a comfortable crewneck sweatshirt with a fancy skirt and sleek heels.  

2. Try a new hemline or dress style.


Courtney Trop of Always Judging

It’s important to have a signature look, but if you’re searching for a quick update, we have just the fix. Explore a new dress style—if you wear a lot of shift dresses, try a drop-waist style this weekend! 

3. Accessorize in an interesting way.


Gala Gonzalez of Amlul

We love how Gala Gonzalez of Amlul kept her accessorizing to a minimum by not wearing any jewellery, keeping the focus on her statement-making gold belt. 

4. Focus on your back.


Berta Bernad

If you’re looking to add a bit of charm to your next look, we suggest investing in a top that has an interesting back detail, like a sheer fabric or a low-cut hemline. 

5. Pair baggy and figure-fitting items together.


Carmen Hamilton of The Chronicles of Her

This might sound a little crazy but give it a try—balance a super body-con top with a pair of loose boyfriend jeans for the perfect cool-girl look. 

6. Make an unexpected outfit look sexy.


Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now

Overalls aren’t typically considered sexy, but if you pair them with the right items, you just might think again. Key items: a super sexy lacy bralette, oversized sleeveless tank, and dainty gold necklaces. 

7. Test out a new vibe.


Zina Charkoplia of Fashion Vibe

Not everyone can pull off that breezy bohemian or super girly look 24/7 so take it easy and test out a new vibe for a day or two. It can be as easy as layering a fringe jacket over your look or adding a dash of pink lipstick before you walk out the door. 

8. Wear more white.


Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion

The clean and crisp staple colour stimulates a sense of ease and freshness. To really update your style, try a head-to-toe white look. 

9. Style a ladylike look with sneakers.


Pernille Teisbaek of Look De Pernille

You know that super girly dress hanging in your closet? Well, we think it would look totally cool with a pair of fresh white sneakers. 

10. Go for the plunge.


Kelly Framel of The Galmourai

If there’s one trend you definitely have to try this summer, it’s a plunging neckline. It’s the easiest way to pull off a sexy look and still look like a lady. Don’t forget to add loads of dainty necklaces for a subtle décollage distraction. 

11. Personalise a classic item.


Zanita of Zanita

Are you up for the world’s easiest DIY? Here it is: add patches or a small brooch to your go-to denim or leather jacket. Easy and super stylish! 

What's your secret to updating your style? Let us know in the comment section below!