The Summer Shopping Guide for the Girl on a Budget

A shopping spree is definitely in order when there is a change of season, but splurging on all the new necessities four times a year can definitely take a toll on your bank account. Well, we have good news for you—it doesn't have to. If you know where to shop and what you're looking for, finding everything you need for a stylish summer is a breeze.

From the perfect straw hat to the resurgence of the denim miniskirt, we have created the perfect affordable summer shopping checklist for you. Should you follow our guide, you'll need nothing more and nothing less. Did we mention that not one of the items we shopped out for you is over $100? When we said girl on a budget, we meant it.

Keep reading to shop all of your affordable summer essentials!

Opening Image: Collage Vintage . Outfit Credit: H&M top.