The Item You Should Bring Everywhere During the Summer

Dressing for comfort in the summer can feel like quite the predicament, but there's good news: The solution is simple. You're probably wearing something lightweight and sans sleeves right now, which is a natural choice for the dog days of July. The problem is that every time you step inside, the blasting A/C renders you freezing. While you likely don't automatically reach for a jacket before walking out the door like you do during the year's cooler months, if you start getting into the habit of it, you'll be exponentially more comfortable no matter where you go, no matter what you're wearing.

With a lightweight jacket in hand, gone are the days spent shivering in your cute white linen dress. Not only that, we happen to think that every outfit greatly benefits from a third piece. And with a number of summery jackets on the market from retailers of every price point, searching for a new one to get you through summer (and the transition into fall) is sure to be a painless experience. To help you out, we compiled some of our favorite lightweight toppers. Check them out below! (Remembering to take it with you is in your hands.)