Suki Waterhouse Debuted the New Tattooed Bag Everyone Is Dying to Own

When the fashion and tattoo worlds collide, it produces some seriously chic results. Iconic Italian brand Tod's has collaborated with tattoo artist Saira Hunjan on a limited-edition Double T handbag collection featuring her tattoos. How cool is that? The bag, which Suki Waterhouse has already gotten her hands on, will be available in stores beginning in December 2016 but is available to pre-order online. The debut of the bag was also coordinated with the brand's new flagship boutique opening in London. 

Curious how the artist tattooed a leather bag? Elle UK did a Facebook Live video showing Hunjan in action. The clip shows off her amazing talents, and of course, the pretty bags. Do we sense a new trend in the making? We wouldn't hesitate to jump on the tattooed bag bandwagon. 

Scroll down to see Suki Waterhouse's limited-edition Tod's bag, and go a bit further to watch how it was made!


Getty Images

What do you think about this concept? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop more Tod's bags online!

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