This Awesome Strapless Bra Goes Up to Size G

We don't have to explain to you the woes of the strapless bra. At times it can feel nearly impossible to find one that actually does everything you need, like giving full coverage, let alone staying up on your body. Don't even get us started on it actually being comfortable. If you go it alone when shopping for this unruly undergarment, you might just give up on finding the right one when faced with these issues.

That's why we turned to the experts for help. InStyle recently spoke with lingerie consultant Jenny Altman about her favorite strapless bra styles and her best shopping advice, her number one style being French lingerie brand Chantelle's Vous & Moi strapless bra."Chantelle is my favorite for fit and for its brand new strapless bra, which is not only silicone-free, but also stays put (thanks to the double band design in the back)! And it also goes up to a size G," Altman says. "The brand's sizes are very specific, but once you know your size, it’s a game-changer. I also love that they have small bands with large cup sizes for all of the tiny girls who can’t find anything that gives enough support. You can be a 30G in Chantelle’s strapless!" This brand's variety of size options is definitely a game changer.

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Opening Image: Tanesha Awasthi