Here's What to Wear to Fly Home for Thanksgiving

If you want cool, casual outfit ideas for any type of occasion, Alexa Chung is your girl. She always looks completely comfortable and confident in what she's wearing. What more could you ask for? Especially when it comes to what to wear to travel home for the holidays. We all naturally want to look good when we greet our families, despite having been squished on a plane for the past several hours, which is why a recent look worn by Chung is just what the doctor ordered.

We'd highly recommend her cool outfit for the airport this week, given that it involves the number one travel piece (a trench coat), a cozy sweater (because comfort), polished denim, and sturdy lace-up ankle boots—a combination that we're sure will be TSA approved. Chung, always one to pay attention to details, gave her sweater a half-tuck and cuffed the sleeves of her trench, both of which go a long way to personalize the look and give it an effortless quality. 

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