This Is the Most Stylish Swimsuit Style of the Summer



One-piece swimsuits—for whatever reason, this swimsuit style isn't always the choice that's top of mind. It isn't until you're lying by the pool and see someone walk by in the cutest iteration to date that you instantly regret not purchasing one. Well, that needs to change.

This summer, designers and retailers across the board are proving that one-pieces are the most stylish, exciting, and unique suits to be seen in. Whether you're searching for one with more coverage, one that looks almost too pretty to wear in the water, or one with the most festive prints of the season, you're in the right place. We pulled together the most stylish one-piece swimsuits for your shopping pleasure (including the one in the photo you clicked on!). Now, you'll be ready to hit the beach, pool, or hey, that towel in your backyard, in a suit that's totally on trend for 2017.

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