Our Favorite Ways to Lounge in Style This Holiday Season

Luckily for the lazy girls out there who would rather stay in their pajamas all day than actually put on a real outfit, pajamas actually are considered real outfits in some circles. Keep reading for all our coverage of the trend from this year!

1. In case you still need convincing, we rounded up definitive proof that, yes, pajamas are definitely still a thing that's happening.

2. Badass, goddess, and House of Cards star Robin Wright designed a collection of sleepwear, and we literally want every piece.

3. Even Beyoncé gave her stamp of approval to the loungewear-as-streetwear trend, wearing nothing but sweats in her viral video for "7/11."

4. We found this awesome pajama set, perfect for lounging around at home over the holidays, for under $100.

5. We did a highly scientific examination of what your pajama preferences say about your personality.