The Style Tips We Learned From Our Moms

From playing dress-up in your mom’s clothes as a little girl to sneaking into her closet before you head back to college to “borrow” a couple things, we all have special and unique memories with our moms when it comes to style. Click through to see what the ladies around the office learned from their moms. 

Carole Kerr (left): Mom of Hillary Kerr, co-founder

“Fear nothing—especially prints and color. When it comes to brights and patterns, my mother is completely courageous, and I appreciate her adoration of  both. The fact that she’s wearing a matching crop top and shorts in the most vibrant color palette ever? Too cool.”

Kelli Thoreson: Mom of Shanelle Thoreson, Graphic Designer

“The best style advice from my mom—lipstick. Find your signature color and never
leave the house without it! Lipstick instantly makes you look more polished and accentuates your smile! Oh, and always choose clothes that are tailored to your body!"

Janet Kliest: Mom of Nicole Kliest, Senior Editor

"My mom taught me that it's okay to cut your own hair, sew your own clothing, concoct your own perfumes, and most importantly, dress in whatever way expresses your personality best."

Diane Scanga: Mom of Michelle Scanga, Associate Editor

“My mom taught me to never leave the house looking like a ragamuffin because you never know who you might run into. What’s a ragamuffin you ask? Think—“I woke up like this” before Beyoncé dubbed this look chic. My mom also taught me the value of shopping around by exploring and appreciating local boutique stores.”

Kim Bernard: Mom of Alex Taylor, Director of Content & Strategy

“My mother taught me that whenever I need inspiration, I should look to Mother Nature because she has the best color palettes.”

Cheryl Chiarot: Mom of Sarah Chiarot, Senior Graphic Designer

“My mom's a big believer in investing. She's taught me to avoid disposable fashion and to save for something that will stand the test of time.”

Shirin Akhtarzad: Mom of Nicole Akhtarzad, Fashion Assistant

“My mother taught me to always buy pieces that you would love to own forever.” 

Janet Sun: Mom of Faith Xue, Byrdie Editor

“The best style advice my mom taught me: Don't be afraid to take risks—especially when those risks involve head-to-toe, acid-wash denim. Also, when in doubt, pose in a tree.”

Sandra Collings: Mom of Kat Collings, Editor

"My mom has an incredible eye for thrifted and vintage pieces. She taught me to love the uniqueness and affordability that comes with buying second-hand."