Drew Barrymore

It's hard not to love Drew Barrymore. She first stole our hearts back in the eighties, when she played Gertie in ET, and though many years have passed since then, she continues to win us over time and time again. What can we say: we've got a soft spot for the actress and her refreshing, BFF-like relatability. But while we always appreciate her comic turns in everything from Charlie's Angels to her most recent release Going the Distance, lately we've been loving Barrymore for a whole new reason: her personal style.

Seamlessly navigating between glamorous pieces, wardrobe must-haves, and edgier fare for a spate of recent events, Barrymore's sartorial choices are definitely on point. Working with the dynamic styling duo Anda and Masha, Barrymore's been embracing some of fall's biggest trends