The Inspirational Style Blogger You Need To Be Following

They say change is the price you pay for progress, a concept that personal style blogger Andy Torres certainly understands. In her case, a major relocation--from a small town in Mexico, where she was born and raised, to Amsterdam--gave her the necessary push to launch her site, Style Scrapbook. The rewards for her daring move and dive into the world of personal style blogging are impressive, and include a global following, numerous prestigious accomplishments (including Polyvore’s Best Personal Style Award in 2011), and noteworthy design collaborations (she worked on an accessories collection for Mango and a line of camera bags for Kipling). In addition to impacting her professional life, the change of cities also inspired Torres to step outside her sartorial comfort zone and give her sport-influenced sensibilities a more of-the-moment spin via bold pantsuits, graphic prints, and statement accessories. The result: a range of inspiring ensembles that are delightfully showcased on her must-see blog. We chatted with Torres about her favorite places to shop, style icons, and more, so keep reading for our complete Q&A and tips on how to score her look. 

Let’s talk about your personal style. How would you describe yours?
My style is kind of ever-changing, as I like to vary and keep things interesting on the blog, but I do tend to lean towards a sporty style, especially lately. I could live in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a varsity jacket, and high heels, which is somehow interesting considering I am 6’1’’. I do love my high heels despite my height!

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