The Street Style Stars Every Fashion Girl Should Know

Thanks to a little thing called the internet, we have instant access to some of the most stylish women in the world. Fashion editors, models, muses, stylists, and beyond are all at our fingertips with the click of a button (or swipe of the Instagram screen). However, we understand that it can get a bit overwhelming to keep track of everyone in the industry, so to make your life easier, we rounded up the must-know names in street style right now.

Why does this make your life easier? To begin with, these women know a thing or two about how to construct an outfit. So for those mornings when you can’t find anything to wear, a quick gander at their latest looks is sure to help. Furthermore, they’re in the spotlight for a reason! They’re powerful, talented, and driven, and their killer wardrobes reflect that.

Scroll down for 26 names to know, and if you feel so inclined, shop our picks inspired by them as well!