Where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Fast Outfit Ideas

This year’s Celebrity Street Style Star is a woman who’s not only provided us with endless inspiration for the last 12 months (and beyond), she’s someone who’s totally perfected and refined her aesthetic so that we can easily identify a piece of clothing as “so Rosie” or “so not.” Of course, we’re talking about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The model/actress/fashion collaborator is the kind of girl who’s obsessed with the classics—great jeans, impeccably tailored blazers, T-shirts, and heels that can make you swoon—yet time and again, she pieces them together in a way that’s always polished, refreshing, and utterly cool.

And it’s perhaps for this reason that, despite Huntington-Whiteley’s ability to slay a red carpet or runway, when we think of her best outfits, our first stop is the airport, her office, or anywhere she’s running errands. Ahead, she chatted with us about how she pulls it all together, where she looks for her own source of style inspiration, and the one pair of jeans she absolutely can’t live without.

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