The "Scary" Item From Your Teens That's Back in Style

We’ve seen the strapless top gain traction as an emerging trend in 2016, floating slightly below the radar since off-the-shoulder top have been dominating in fashion. However, we never imagined the style would morph into the tight tube tops of our youth, and leave it to Bella Hadid—who, we all know, is a trendsetter—to show us that the intimidating formfitting top is making a comeback.

The model captured a summer moment on Instagram, where she wore a white version of the corset-like top and made a case for the throwback style. But her style is not your average billowy summer top; Hadid went full-on old-school with a curve-hugging tube top complete with ruching, like something out of a Spice Girls music video, and we love it. It goes to show that trends come and go, and we have to say we’re coming around to this one. Hey, in a world where matching tracksuits are having a resurgence, anything is possible!

Check out Hadid showing off the trend below, and keep scrolling to shop our tube top picks inspired by hers.

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Opening Image: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images