Trends come and go-cowboy boots, we miss you not at all-but we've noted that celebs are dedicated to wearing waistcoats. One might even say that they have a (forgive us) vested interest in this piece of apparel. The vest, as we Americans call it, has long been a part of the fashion scene, traditionally as an addendum to uniforms and suits. In recent years it has enjoyed the spotlight as a solo item, ever since Kate Moss was snapped in one while attending Glastonbury 2005. While Moss wore the vest (buttoned-up, with nothing underneath, quite sexy) with super short shorts and a pair of wellies, you can really throw one on with almost anything-as the above ladies show.

One of the vest frontrunners was Sienna Miller, seen here attending a Mathew Williamson fragrance launch in London, who used it as slightly masculine counterpoint to her delicate, lacy tunic. Gemma Ward gave a downtown edge to a sophisticated cocktail dress by slipping on a vest. Kate Moss is one of the most dedicated "vesties," wearing them in a multitude of ways. Seen here strolling in New York (notice her stripes?), Moss has also recently been seen wearing her own Topshop-designed vest, buttoned up and paired with a long skirt. And finally, Selma Blair juxtaposed her proper, tailored vest with wide-legged jeans, a sheer tank, and delicate gold necklaces for a dinner at Il Sole.

We think investing in a, er, vest is a wise buy. First of all, vests are inclusive. You can accentuate or conceal your figure depending on how it's worn (snugly buttoned up, loosely layered). There are a great variety of styles (low-cut, double-breasted, boyish), so finding one that suits your frame shouldn't be challenging. Secondly, vests are flexible. For example, you can throw one over a dress to give your look a casual vibe or slip a t-shirt or button-down under a vest for more coverage. And finally, vests easily refresh any outfit by providing a new focal point.

There are an abundance of vests currently available at a range of prices. One of our favorites is the seersucker, striped McQ version pictured here. ($275, A bold option is Biba's raspberry crepe vest with black heart buttons. (about $330, Naturally, we're wild for Topshop offerings, like their sexy, snug, Drop Front waistcoat in black cotton. (about $70, No surprise that Kate Moss for Topshop includes several waistcoats, like our favorite, the Pinstripe Schoolboy, in grey wool with a faint white pinstripe. (about $70,

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