These Stilettos Magically Change to Kitten Heels Whenever You Want

You know the feeling: You've been out in your stilettos all day and you wish for a minute you could exchange them for something shorter. You could take your flats around in a bag with you, but after a while it can be a pain. 

Tanya Heath came up with a solution for this: a pair of shoes with interchangeable heels. Her shoes—be they booties, sandals, pumps, or others—are sold separately from her heels—stilettos, kitten heels, chunky heels, and so on. The heels come in an extensive range of styles and colors so you can constantly update your shoe wardrobe. The shoes themselves, which come heelless and are made of European leather, start at $300, and the heels run from about $27 to $50. 

According to Refinery29, Tanya spent two and a half years working with a multitude of engineering specialists so a shoe like this would be possible. And now, she has stores all over the world, in her hometown of Toronto, in Paris, in Los Angeles, and soon in Miami, among others. You might never have to carry flats again!

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