Steve Madden Just Brought Back These Cult '90s Shoes

Quick: Think of your shoe closet from the '90s. Chances are there was one specific style in there: Steve Madden's Slinky Sandals. If you didn't happen to save your well-worn pair through all these years, don't fret: The brand has officially brought them back for 2017.

Sadly, you won't be able to get your hands on them immediately: Available to preorder now, the $70 shoes aren't expected to ship until July. (You've already waited over 20 years for their return—what's another couple months?) They're just the thing to wear with your retro windbreaker, logo bag, colored sunglasses, and every other item that's also making a resurgence from the '90s.

Scroll down to preorder the cult '90s sandals that just came back at Steve Madden. 

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