Yes, NYC Does Garden Parties—This One Was Packed With Fashion Girls

At first glance, New York City is not necessarily the prime location for a garden party. A brownstone rooftop, a speakeasy bar, or hotel party, sure, but gardens are just a bit fewer and farther between. However, leave it to a designer like Stella McCartney—who’s almost as talented at throwing a party as she is at designing modern, unique, and ethical wares—to pull off a predictably Instagram-friendly bash. Of course, you’ve probably spotted it on your feed already.

McCartney’s Resort 18 collection was the reason for the tropical event, complete with a reggae brand, pink flamingo lawn ornaments, and real live parrots available for posing. And with a crowd that included actresses such as Lily Collins, Gabrielle Union, and Ashley Benson—as well as tons of fashion folk—there was plenty to be documented in photos. For example, lots of bright colors and lush, green backdrops, plus the cool crew of models floating around in oversize yet structural designs and pointed pump clogs, with Ky-Mani Marley providing tunes in the background.

Take a look inside McCartney's big night below.

Take a look at Stella McCartney Resort 18: