Stella McCartney's Hilarious Video Pokes Fun at Diva Supermodels

Whether deserved or not, supermodels tend to get pegged with the diva label—perhaps you can chalk it up to the infamous “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000” sentiment. That’s just the notion that Stella McCartney makes fun of in the brand’s new film coinciding with its F/W 16 ad campaign.

Starring Amber Valletta, the two-minute clip is chock-full of over-the-top diva-esque quips like “That’s why my immune system is so strong; because I used to eat dirt” and “I don’t like animals that travel in herds.” The two-minute clip also pokes fun at sometimes bizarre fashion campaigns: “Amber, how do you feel about riding a goat?” she’s asked. Oh, and there are some gluten-free jokes thrown in too.

Hilarious video aside, Stella McCartney’s fall campaign features all the clothes fashion girls will be lusting for come September, including the oversize sweaterdress Valletta wears in the film.

Hit play to watch the hilarious Stella McCartney video debut on Who What Wear before anywhere else!

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Opening Image: Stella McCartney