These Were the Fashion Status Symbols 10 Years Ago

Creative director Jen Brill recently declared a Supreme hoodie as “good as wearing a new designer bag.” This statement couldn’t ring truer when it comes to what we’ve seen on the street style circuit as of late; status symbols have shifted from the pristine designer piece to downtown objects of desire, like Vetements’s illustrious reconstructed jeans and flamed sweatshirts. It’s no longer only about having money, but about being in the know with what’s cool right now, at this very moment.

This idea of the ever-changing nature of status symbols got us nostalgic for the It items of yesteryear. Juicy Couture’s covetable velour tracksuit, Tiffany’s heart-charm necklaces and bracelets—these were our Vetements jeans. Our Loewe puzzle bag. Our Gucci backless loafers.

If the subject matter has you yearning for a little fashion flashback, you’re in luck! We rounded up our favorite status symbols from the aughts that we suspect will totally resonate with you.

See below for our list, and shop our current It items at the end, too.