Petite Girls, You've Been Waiting for a Site Like This

We all have our style hang-ups. And for petite women, in particular, it usually means always having a tailor (or three) at the ready to shorten pant legs, lift a hemline, or crop a shirt just so that it falls above the hip. So for anyone 5'4" or under, the new e-commerce shop Stature might come as a bit of a lifesaver as it’s created with you in mind.

Launched by two 5-foot-tall women, Camille Moroz and Avani Agarwal, Stature carries so many indie brands that are probably already on your radar—if not all over your Instagram feed—including Rachel Comey, Dusen Dusen, Wray, and Mari Giudicelli. And in order to serve the community of petite fashion lovers, the site not only keeps a generous stock of smaller sizes (which does often mean pieces are only available in sizes small and extra small) and begins its shoe offerings at a size 35, but it works closely with designers to determine which styles from their collections will best fit them. "We have designers recommending pieces from their own collections that they know are better suited for petites," Moroz tells us. "We were so delighted, for example, when Ilana Kohn advised us to carry her denim Milo jumpsuit, as it runs short in the torso. Said jumpsuit has become one of our early best sellers.”

However, perhaps the coolest offerings from Stature are its exclusives. "We seek out key pieces we love and collaborate with designers to modify them. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that a lot of designers are fellow shorties and conceive their collections with different body types in mind," Moroz says, "They can accurately appraise where to lop off hem lengths, take in shoulders, and lift waistlines--because they've got a killer combination of crafts[wom]anship and personal experience.”

The offerings on the site thus far are impressive as they include styles like effortless jumpsuits, tailored wide-leg pants, and pretty midi-length dresses (pieces that even this 5'4" editor has trouble finding in the proper length). Below we rounded up a few of our favorites, but with Moroz and Agarwal working to connect with even more designers, we suggest keeping the site bookmarked for what comes next. 

Scroll down to shop for pieces specifically curated with petites in mind.