Stunning Stackable Rings for the Modern Bride

I’ve always had a minimalist aesthetic when it comes to my personal style, but on certain occasions, a more-is-more approach is a team I like to play on. Particularly when it comes to rings. Diamond rings to be exact. Diamond stackable rings to be even more exact. Whether lined up under your engagement ring or layered on a variety of fingers, stackable rings are a trend that is utterly adored by the fashion crowd and the modern bride. And the more eclectic, the better. Choosing diamond rings to stack that represent your unique style—from vintage-looking to modern minimalist to chunky and super-thin bands—is something deeply personal you know you’ll love and keep forever. Not to mention that the overall look is utterly stunning. And yes, we’ll admit that it’s an extravagance. It’s a splurge. It’s an investment purchase that involves care, thought, personal attention… and usually a good chunk of change. But personally, I never tire of looking at mine. (Or tire of the compliments!) And I never take them off. A beautiful investment piece if there ever was one.

So whether you’re already married and are looking to add to your wedding ring, are seeking stacking rings for your wedding band or for an actual engagement ring, or you simply want to add a beautiful stack to your other hand, get inspired below by these stunning and unique rings you’ll never want to take off. (And don’t have to!)