This Will Be 2016’s Biggest Spring Racing Trend

The 2016 Spring Racing Carnival is here and there’s no better excuse to step into a pretty dress, throw on some shiny new heels and grab your friends for a fun day out. The racing season is filled with tradition, from what women can and should wear, to everything that shouldn't be seen (like culottes and midriffs). While some rules are made to be broken, it’s always nice to embrace the old-school traditions of the racing calendar.

As fashion influencer Nadia Bartel has just been announced as the BMW Caufield Cup Carnival (October 15) Style Ambassador, we picked her brain for her best style tips for winning the trackside fashion stakes.

Keep scrolling to discover her take on the biggest racing fashion trend, the accessories she’ll be wearing, and what she packs in her bag for a day on the field.


Justin Ridler

Who What Wear Australia: What do you think will be the biggest racing trends this year?

Nadia Bartel: I think there will be a huge '70s influence at play, with a big focus on sleeve details—think bell, fluted, ruched or flared. We will also see lots of pretty feminine looks with lace, pastel colours, and sheer detailing.

WWW: Spring racing fashion can tend to look the same each year—what’s your tip for mixing it up?

NB: It’s all about the accessories and headwear to really set your look apart. Structured statement headwear is the way to go, but I also think the boater style and jewelled crowns will be big this season. It is key to have fun with your look and mix and match colours and prints to keep it fun for the day.


Justin Ridler

WWW: What do you always carry in your handbag for a day at the races?

NB: Mints, Party Feet, eye drops, iPhone charger and my favourite Go-To lip balm.

WWW: What accessories will you be wearing this year?

NB: We are seeing a Spanish influence coming through with oversized jewellery and coloured jewel tones. I think neck detailing, be it chokers or fine hardware, will also be popular. 


Justin Ridler

WWW: Which designers are your go-tos for the racing carnival?

NB: I love Dion Lee because he focusses on clean lines. Zimmermann and Thurley have lots of pretty lace and pastel colours and Scanlan Theodore nails spring fashion each year with its tailored pieces.

WWW: Do you have any tricks for lasting all day in heels?

NB: I always try to wear my shoes in, as new shoes (as pretty as they look) will always leave you with blisters. I also carry Party Feet in my handbag and pop them on in the afternoon.

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