The Fresh Print That's Getting Fashion People Talking

Photo: Collage Vintage

No, floral prints aren't necessarily the most groundbreaking print on the block (wow, that joke never gets old), but as of late, we have taken note of a particular kind of floral print that every fashion girl should know about this spring and summer season. We are calling this print "prairie florals" for its uniquely delicate and breezy qualities.

In the shopping selection we curated for you ahead, you'll notice that on the scale of crazy-loud prints, prairie florals fall lower on the spectrum. This particular floral is extremely easy to wear, gives off an effortless feminine vibe, and is just plain pretty to look at. This trend is idyllic for the warmer seasons, as it lends a helping hand to those weekend brunches you have nothing to wear to, those office outfits you want to brighten up, and much more.

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