Fashion People Won’t Stop Wearing This Surprising Jean Trend

If you’ve been wanting a new way to wear denim, look no further than a silhouette we’ve been seeing everywhere: extreme flared jeans. And we mean extreme. This new style is nothing like those ’70s bell-bottoms you’ve probably tried before. Instead, the jeans are fitted to the knee but then they fountain out below. Much like the bell-sleeve top that swept the fashion scene in recent years, this new denim style adds a little bit of drama to any outfit and commanded the clicks of street style photographers all throughout fashion month.

Even though tricky pieces like this one might typically be reserved for an editorial shoot and the pages of a magazine, fashion girls like Patricia Manfield, Aimee Song, and Lainy Hedaya have been quick to adopt the trend. Follow their lead, and stick to a simple T-shirt and tailored jacket to keep the focus on the über-flares. Or, pair a structural top with the jeans to make a big statement. What we love most about this new style is that they’re dramatic, fashion-forward, and most importantly, they’re just fun.

Keep reading to see how street style stars are wearing the daring trend, and shop our 14 favorite pieces.