What NYC and L.A. Girls Are Ditching From Their Closets This Spring

Photo: Collage Vintage

When you think of spring, there are probably a ton of cliché nuisances that come to mind, such as April showers bring May flowers, and of course, spring-cleaning. However, according to true fashion girls, spring-cleaning is no joke. For those of you who know you want to (need to) start your spring-cleaning as soon as possible, but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. We tapped both our L.A. and NYC Who What Wear editors to find out how they are approaching their grand spring 2017 closet cleanout. Besides the fact that we admire their exquisite taste and expertise, we were also curious to see if there were major differences or similarities in the items they chose to toss based on the city.

What did we find? For starters, we should toss everything the stylish editors ahead are getting rid of, because their points ring true for basically every woman's closet, but also, there aren't a ton of major differences in what they are cleaning out location-wise. In essence, the items that are taking their final bows are universally applicable in terms of the items you should definitely let go of as you prepare your closet and your life for a fresh year of better habits. In other words, hoarding worn-down sandals and unnecessary weekend tops is not doing anything to better your quality of life.

Go on to find out what our L.A. and NYC editors are tossing from their closets this spring in addition to what they plan on rewarding themselves with afterward as a suitable replacement.