Spring's Top Fashion Trends and the Beauty Looks to Wear With Them

spring beauty trends and what to wear with them


The Style Stalker

The fashion and beauty worlds can, at times, seem worlds apart. As a fashion editor who works next to Who What Wear's beauty editors, I'll admit that sometimes their conversations about new products and formulas sound like they're actually speaking Japanese. I'm sure that's a two-way street when myself and the other fashion editors go on and on about emerging trends or buzzy new Instagram brands, but the fact is the two worlds are way more aligned than I ever gave them credit for.

Since half of getting ready involves putting clothes on and the other half involves a beauty routine, it's high time we talked about the two in tandem. And what better way to frame the two than to discuss the buzziest new trends—one for one. Are you game to test out the tie-dye trend? We have a killer beauty idea for you. Infatuated with the feathered brow look at the moment? Here's the fashion trend to wear with it.

Thanks to the help of our lovely beauty editors Erin and Amanda, I paired up each of the top fashion trends with the freshest spring beauty looks and broke down the key item to buy and try for each. Keep reading for your ultimate guide to fashion and beauty trends for spring 2019.

'80s spring fashion trend


The Style Stalker

The '80s continue to have a major presence in fashion right now. The retro look has evolved into a new very 2019 way to interpret the styles from the era and comes via baroque and costume jewelry, slouchy and oversize sleeves, and sumptuous jewelry toned-frocks.

Beauty Trend to Try With It: Bushy, Feathered Brows

"Bushy brows are interesting because they can lend both softness and structure to your face—and they kind of become the perfect accessory. It's a low-maintenance way to look put together without having to mess with tons of other products or trends. (This is especially great for spring when temperatures begin to rise.) For that super-feathery look, I think it's actually better to go with a pencil (experts agree!) instead of a gel or pomade and then use a clear-colored one to set your work. Or, if your eyebrows are already full, skip the pencil and just use the clear gel to comb them up and out for lots of volume." — Erin Jahns, Associate Beauty Editor

neutral colors spring fashion trend


The Style Stalker

Despite, or perhaps because of, the recent rise of garishly bright neons and other highly saturated color trends, anti-color has emerged as the sophisticated outfit trend to try, and thanks to hashtags like #StickofButter on Instagram, neutral-toned outfits are going viral. The color (or lack of color) palette of preference isn't completely monochrome but rather a delightfully dynamic medley of beiges, camels, creams, and browns.

Beauty Trend to Try With It: Bright Yellow Nails

"A couple of months ago, I was chatting with L.A.-based nail guru Hang Nguyen, and she predicted that unexpected pops of color like mustard and olive green would take over our 2019 nail grids. Bright yellow nails definitely aren't for the faint of heart, but they pack the same kind of drama for spring that we love black, navy, and maroon for during the winter months. Just make sure your shape is clean and add a killer top coat like Essie's Gel Couture Top Coat ($12)." — Erin Jahns

athleisure spring fashion trend


The Style Stalker

Meet athleisure 2.0: The next wave of athletic-inspired wares takes a far less literal approach to activewear and instead embraces sporty elements into the rest of any ready-to-wear (read non-gym) attire. It pulls references from across "bro" culture, from the bucket hats worn by '90s skate kids to the nylon gym shorts and Teva-inspired sandals of the surfer crowd. Whether or not you're off to catch waves or shred gnar (is this an actual skate term? Please advise) hardly matters—it's all about mixing in a laid-back, California-cool approach to dressing.

Beauty Trend to Try With It: Bright Crayon-Like Eye Shadow All Over the Lid

"I'm obsessed with model Adwoa Aboah because she's made Crayola-painted lids her signature and has worn everything from turquoise to hot pink on the red carpet. I think one of the keys to her success (and making this trend work in general) is that everything else is kept so minimal—almost bare. This way, the focus rests solely on the super-bold eye color." — Erin Jahns

utility spring fashion trend


The Style Stalker

More often than not, we find ourselves sacrificing functional clothes for the sake of a killer fashion moment. But that gets turned on its head when it comes to this spring trend, where functional utility styles reign supreme. A great entry point for this style is a pair of slim-fitting cargo pants or a structured jacket with cargo-inspired pockets.

Beauty Trend to Try With It: Fluttery, Natural-Looking Lashes

"'Less is more is a trend I'm seeing a lot of when it comes to eye makeup (less complicated smoky eyes, more looks that require just one or two products). And long, romantic lashes that don't look like they're covered in mascara align with that trend." — Amanda Montell, Features and Beauty Editor

hair accessory spring fashion trend


The Style Stalker

Let me (re)introduce you to the hair accessory trend that's shown zero signs of slowing down thus far. Fashion girls are reaching for the nostalgic clips, barrettes, headbands, and hair bows that bring us right back to our grade-school days and, in a fortunate twist of events, are a perfect way to turn a not-so-great hair day into a bonafide look.

Beauty Trend to Try With It: '80s-Inspired Blush Around the Eyes and Upper Cheekbones

"Draping was the big blush technique in the '80s, and this is a slightly more unhinged version of that. I've seen lots of cool makeup artists and celebrities migrating their pink and coral blush colors from their cheeks up to their eyes and brow bones for a soft, warm effect." — Amanda Montell

tie-dye spring fashion trend

Can you sense a theme already with the styles on offer for this spring? Between cargo pants and "boring" all-beige uniforms, it's safe to say that what was once deemed "weird" or un-cool is now very fashion. Kitschy as it may be, adding in a swirling tie-dye print (or two) into your spring look may be just the dose of fun you didn't know your outfit needed. 

Beauty Trend to Try With It: Clear Gloss Lips

"The antidote to the super-pigmented matte liquid lipsticks that dominated makeup trends three or four years ago is this early-2000s-esque trend, which is all about a plump, high-shine effect." —Amanda Montell

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