This Major Spring 2016 Trend Isn't Dead, According to Alexa Chung

There is perhaps no better celebrity predictor of trends each season than quintessential cool girl Alexa Chung. Chung has the ability to translate runway trends to the street and can be counted on to always start wearing the next season's It pieces before most of her celeb counterparts do. Chung is currently attending London Fashion Week, so naturally, we've been on high alert for sightings. Thus far, our biggest observation hasn't been pertaining to new trends on the influencer, per se, but a returning one.

Instead of carrying a bag that's a little winter-friendlier, Chung has instead opted to carry the It bag style of spring and summer 2016 to some of the shows, proving that it's indeed back for 2017. The trend is none other than a Jane Birkin–esque straw bag, a style that's been seen on Chung's arm on repeat occasions in the spring and summer months and that every fashion girl was wearing last year. Chung's high-profile endorsement of the trend proves that it's set to be back with a vengeance this season, so take our advice and refrain from ditching yours anytime soon.

See what Alexa Chung wore with her straw bag and shop the returning trend below!

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Opening Image: Rex USA